Latest Screenshots of The Last Crystal

The Last Crystal is a co-op adventure game where two players explore and advance through a mysterious temple by defeating dangerous enemies, collecting friendly companions and unravelling the secret of a-thousand-year-old powerful crystal that rules them all.
The picture above is the map of the first area – Temple Rouge – with lots of puzzles to solve and enemies to slay. There will be at least 4 more areas to explore: Cave, Forest, Mountaintop and Indigo Temple where The Last Crystal is growing in silence. Each area lasts for at least 2 hours of enjoyable and exciting game plays with your friends, if you’re playing with a companion. In case you’re not, the game is programmed so you can switch mode and play easily in solitude by yourself.
At the moment the game is 40% finished and on its way to a Free Demo at the beginning of 2019, a Kickstarter campaign later the same year and Early Access on Steam in 2020.
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