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The Last Crystal’s Game Demo Releasing November 2019

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Hi everyone! I’d like to share a big announcement regarding the Co-op Adventure Indie Game that we’re working on: The Last Crystal’s first public Demo will be released on Steam in November this year. You can download and play it...

A Temple of Mystery – Composing the music of The Last Crystal

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By Andey Fellowes The Spirit of the Temple When I set about creating the music for The Last Crystal, a co-op puzzle adventure game, Marc (Marc-Antoine Desbiens, Game Designer and Co-Producer) and I talked at length about his team’s vision for...


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TLC WORLD - THE TEMPLE --- The Location Aechuporith The Great Temple is a dark and dangerous place. It is home to the most powerful object - The Last Crystal, capable of bringing its bearer anything in the world he...

Latest Screenshots of The Last Crystal

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The Last Crystal is a co-op adventure game where two players explore and advance through a mysterious temple by defeating dangerous enemies, collecting friendly companions and unravelling the secret of a-thousand-year-old powerful crystal that rules them all. The picture above...

Dev Blog: Snake Animation in After Effects

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Jiesi Huang, The Last Crystal's 2D Animator, on her snake animation in After Effects   I’ve been self-learning and practicing animation, and I know that I will learn faster if I have a goal to achieve. So, I hopped onto...

First Game Trailer

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Enjoy this first game trailer of The Last Crystal.