The Last Crystal — Co-op Adventure Game — Kickstarter and demo release!


We are proud to announce the release of a new Demo on Itch and the launch of a Kickstarter campaign.

It has been a long journey of game development, just as much as the long journey awaiting in this new epic co-op adventure!

Kickstarter is live on May 5th!

To watch the trailer, go to the kickstarter page:



From early on in the game’s conception, we wanted to create an experience that can be enjoyed by two players in couch co-op mode. Our mission is to deliver a true co-op adventure in which team work is required to succeed.

I slash those mummies while you block the arrows!

The Last Crystal is a collaborative game that emphasizes the equal importance of both players. Each character is to be customized to fit different play-styles, but both players have essential roles to play to succeed in the game. Puzzles can only be solved when both players are alive. Some weapons only work when both characters are using it. Protecting and keeping each other alive is necessary to progress through the game. All boss fights also require collaboration.

We have designed novel game elements that are sure to tease your minds and test your skills (and test the strength of your relationship… just kidding!).



One of the unique points about The Last Crystal is its two-player weapon design. There are some weapons that can only be used when both players have it equipped. One of these is the Staff of Elements. This staff has two parts: the Sun Staff and the Moon Staff. When both characters equip one staff each, they can pass a ball of elemental energy between them. For example, the Wind element operates switches and moves boxes when the energy passes through the characters, and the Fire element can damage enemies and set things on fire.

Staff of Light
Staff of Fire

Players share the items found in the game. When one player has an item equipped, the other player can take that item from them by simply selecting it from their inventory (so make sure you agree on how things will be shared). This mechanic can be used to solve puzzles, so that you can use the item that you need when you are separated, but it can also cause some unintended (or intended?) chaos when players grab them at an inopportune time. Have fun, but remember that your partner too needs to stay alive for you to progress!



Both players can unlock abilities by spending crystal shards at a Guardian Stone. The shards are collected throughout your journey when you successfully solve puzzles. There are various abilities for you to choose from, and you will need to discuss with your partner which set of skills work well together to help with your journey. For example, one of you can acquire Camouflage to become invisible so that the other can execute a Spin Attack to destroy multiple enemies at once. Or you can acquire Slow Soul while your partner gets Healing Touch, so that you can deliberately enter spirit form to slow down enemies, and your partner can revive you after. Build a unique strategy based on your own play styles and preferences.



After finishing the very first part of the game, the world open up to non-linear gameplay, after this point players may choose which corner of the map they wish to explore first. Inspired by the Metroidvania genre and by the Zelda series, some items or abilities will allow you to gain access to new areas, to collect new weapons, or shards to gain abilities.

The Caves are one of the areas that can be explored.
Some of the Areas available in the game.




Trials are the ultimate challenge to test your skills. They don’t let you bring your weapons in! So you have to enter an area full of monsters bare hands. Weapons can be found inside the trial, but unlike the ones you find during your main adventure, trial weapons usually break after several hits. Find the best way to survive for as long as possible in each of those trials.

Trial of the Axe
Trial of the Dead



The Last Crystal’s demo is available to download for free Steam and on Itch now. Team up with your roommates and families to explore a dangerous magic temple with its lively forest and dark caves, defeat epic foes, join helpful allies, acquire unique powers and solve enigmatic puzzles to unravel the secrets behind the last and most powerful crystal.


If you enjoy the game and want to support the developers, take a look at our upcoming Kickstarter campaign, which will be launched on May 5th.

The Last Crystal is being developed by Falling Flames Games, an indie studio based in Vancouver, Canada, since 2017. We have completed 60% of the base game up to this point, and want to bring it to Kickstarter for the community help to make it larger and better, with many more features. We plan to deliver the full game in 2021.