The Last Crystal




The Location

Aechuporith The Great Temple is a dark and dangerous place. It is home to the most powerful object – The Last Crystal, capable of bringing its bearer anything in the world he wishes for. The crystal can shift ocean and move mountain. It can revive the dead and destroy nations. Its power is so magnificent that everyone is terrified of it, and desires to own it at the same time. However, not a single person since the beginning of time has been lucky enough to witness the crystal’s power with his own eyes, as none can get a hold of this precious dream. The journey to earn The Last Crystal is filled with traps, monsters, terrors and of course, deaths. Only the most adventurous adventurers of the generation dare to think about it. And only the luckiest and the bravest may catch a ghostly gleam of it.

How To Get There

To enter Aechuporith The Great Temple, adventurers need to first cross a forest as large as all the oceans in the world combined. The exact location of the temple is a mystery, for none who came returned to tell their stories. The forest is full of voracious predators and dark magic, and at some areas so thick that not a single ray of light can penetrate. Adventurers usually find themselves lost, sick, starved and even becoming crazy wandering for months in this forest.

The Great Temple can only be seen briefly at dusk, when the last sunlight fades away. Its faint aura of turquoise carves on the indigo sky like the entrance into another world. This fleeting moment disappeared quickly, when a ghostly figure of a giant beast that looks like a jaguar hastily leaps up and down, covering the whole temple with its mammoth shadow. And then everything turns to black. The Great Temple has completely immersed in the night sky.

What To Do When You Are There

Entering Aechuporith The Great Temple is the bravest deed of a lifetime. Once the heavy stone door has shut closed behind you, you know there’s no such things as turning back and coming out.

Inside the temple is a world of magic and mystery. Built entirely of marble, gold and moonstone, Aechuporith is itself a treasure island. Throughout a thousand years of history, countless of thieves and greedy men have tried to dig their way in for treasures but are all denied accessed. The temple seems to have a mind of its own, only allowing two adventurers that it deems worthy at a time. But worthy of what, you asked. There is no answer to that question. It remains a secret as strange and mysterious as why and how The Last Crystal is hidden within this indestructible fortress.

The Local People

The Great Temple is home to all kinds of unusual inhabitants, from glittering bunnies that turns into beautiful jewels when you catch them, to talking pandas and sheep.

The list of monsters calling the temple their nests is ceaseless, from venomous snakes and rats to hideous and gruesome mummies. Among them, the deadliest of all are the five Guardians of The Temple. These Guardians are truly terrifying, and not a single person has seen any of them and come back in one piece. Rumour has it that one of the great guardians is a fire beast called The Jaguar From Hell. Another is a green serpent that is a hybrid of a basilisk and a dragon.

The Undead Community

Aechuporith The Great Temple also hosts a community of the undead. These ghosts and spirits can be found wandering around looking for a potion to cure their curses and to transform back to their living form. Most of them are friendly and helpful, hoping to find a living companion to start a conversation about how fun it used to be being alive. However, some are truly evil and cunning. Those corrupt ghosts work for Aechuporith’s The Great Spirit – the highest temple lord to protect The Last Crystal with the power as majestic as the crystal itself. So, be extra cautious when you meet a ghost. You can have the most helpful comrade. You can also be killed in one shot.  

What’s Next?

What are other secrets of the temple? How can you survive this savage place? Look for the next post of TLC World: Curses & Weapons!